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Welcome to Irish Music Stories! This is the LIBSYN Landing page for Irish Music Stories.

Irish Music Stories is the show about traditional music.... and the much bigger stories behind it. IMS is about everything--through an Irish music lens.

Whether you already play the fiddle or you know nothing about trad music or dance, I hope you'll join me, Shannon Heaton, as I learn how a band of Boston tweens ended up at a big music competition in Sligo, and what it meant to their families... and as I dig into the darker, sweeter side of Irish humor... and as I explore what learning Irish songs together is really all about.

Meet thoughtful and incredibly charming people in pubs, kitchens, and backstages throughout the U.S., Ireland, and beyond, underscored with toe-tapping and heart-soaring melodies that seem familiar, even if you've never heard them before.

Feb 12, 2019

Want a sneak peek of future IMS episodes? Tune in to hear a bit about instruments on the fringe of the session; Scottish, Cape Breton, and Irish music connections; the long (global) reach of Celtic traditions; practice habits of traditional players and dancers; the intersection between food, drink, and traditional music; and musical connections to the Overworld!

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Special thanks to Susan Walsh, Peggy Bogardus, Nathan Weston, Gerry Corr, Brian Benscoter, and Joe Garrett for supporting this episode. And thank you to Matt Heaton for script editing and production music.

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Music Heard on IMS Episode 25
all music traditional, unless otherwise indicated

Tune: “G Chimes,” from Production Music Made for Irish Music Stories
Artist: Matt Heaton (guitar)

Tune: “My Love is in America” from Dearga
Artists: Shannon Heaton (flute), Matt Heaton (guitar & bodhran)

Tune: “Sabai Sabai,” from Production Music Made for Irish Music Stories
Artist: Matt Heaton (guitar)

Tune: “The B Minor Cut,” (strathspey) from Cuts
Artist: Andrea Beaton

Tune: “A Beautiful Ending,” from Branches
Artist: Andrew Finn Magill

Tune: “Hometown Lullaby,” from Production Music Made for Irish Music Stories
Artist: Matt Heaton (guitar)

Tune: “Blue Dress Waltz,” from The Blue Dress
Artists: Maeve Gilchrist (harp), Shannon Heaton (flute)

Tune: “Aimee and Shodekeh,” from Cybertrad (by Matthew Olwell)
Artists: Aimee Curl (bass), Shodekeh Talifero (voice)

Tune: “Reavy’s,” from Traditional Music On Fiddle, Banjo & Harp
Artists: Oisin Mac Diarmada, Brian Fitzgerald, Micheal O'Ruanaigh

Tune: “Across the Border,” (by Koji Nagao) from tricolor BIGBAND
Artist: Yuka Nakafuji and Tricolor